Make test flour representative of industrial milling process.


Applications :

Select your wheats and assess blends to make.

Estimate milling characteristics (extraction rate, wheat behavior during the milling process).

Characterize of the flours obtained.

Principle :

The CD1 mill simulates the main phases of an industrial mill:

1. Break part passing between 3 grooved rollers twice.

2. Sifting by means of a centrifugal sifter.

3. Converting part passing between 2 smooth rollers by pressure.

4. Sifting using a centrifugal sift.

Compliant with :

The CD1 complies with NF EN ISO 27971 standard which describe the test milling methodology for the Alveograph test (ring tests, wheat-market transactions).

CD1 Mill

Reproductibility :

Fixed settings and roller sturdiness

High quality of the rheological analyses

Reduced maintenance :

Rollers nearly indestructible under a normal use.

cd1 mill .pdf


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